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[01]. How do I post an advertisment on bpsl.lk?

  • It's easy, click ad your Business button in top left conner and follow the Instructions.

  • Or if you make a call, one of our marketing persons who is close to your town come to your door step and meet you.

  • Or you can contact our customer care service and send details through e-mail.

  • [02]. How do I delete or edit my advertisment?

  • Please email your changers and contact our customer care service.

  • [03]. How long do my advertisment on bpsl.lk?

  • It appears for period of one year/ 06 months or less depending on your choice.

  • [04]. After post my advertisment, i couldn't find it. What should I do?

  • Please call or email notification to our customer care service and get help.

  • [05]. What are the rules for posting on bpsl.lk?

    we are not publish your advertisment that contain;

  • Description That is not related to the subject of the customer

  • An unrealistic offer.

  • A Product or service that is illegal in Sri Lanka.

  • Offensive Pictures.

  • Pictures that don’t match or clear.

  • Non specific item or service.

  • A advertisement not paid the full amount.

  • [06]. After informing my advertisment was published, but I can’t see it on my computer can you help?

  • Of course! First checked your internet connection (signal) is in order.

  • Check your Firefox or Internet explorer is working Properly.

  • If the above states are OK, log on to our homepage www.bpsl.lk and type your company name and click search button. After you will get a result list. if you find your company name there, click on it for open your advertisment.

  • If your company name was not in result list, Please contact our customer care hotline. We will help.

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